Roman Seleznev, convicted for cyber fraud in the US, has confessed to other crimes committed in the states of Nevada and Georgia.

According to the US Ministry of Justice, the confession made by Russian citizen Seleznev was the result of an investigation conducted by law enforcement officers in Georgia.

Seleznev (also known as Track2, aka Bulba, aka Ncux, 33) has recognized his involvement in collusion with the aim of a hacker attack on the processing company RBS Worldpay in 2008, in the course of which 4.5 million debit card numbers were stolen, and then more than $9 million was stolen from 2.1 thousand ATMs; Seleznev’s share amounted to $2 million.

According to the Nevada Prosecutor’s Office, a year before that, in 2008, Roman Seleznev got involved with the criminal online community, which dealt with bank fraud and theft, as well as falsification of personal data of cardholders. According to the Ministry of Justice, Seleznev admitted that he had sold the personal data and stolen information on a large scale to

In particular, Seleznev had created an online site, through which users could automatically buy stolen accounts for about $ 20 apiece. According to the US law enforcers, Roman Seleznev even promoted his site on’s sites, and received money through the currency payment system L.R. As a result of’s criminal activity, at least $50 million had been stolen. It is reported that the court will render a sentence on new charges against Roman Seleznev on December 11.

Earlier, the latter’s lawyer Igor Litvak said that the term of his client’s imprisonment in the United States might greatly increase due to those charges.

Seleznev’s attorney, Igor Litvak, said his client accepts responsibility for his role in the two hacking cases settled on September 8, but he intends to appeal his conviction and prison sentence in the earlier case.

“We still feel the way he was brought to the U.S. was illegal,” Litvak told Reuters. “He was basically kidnapped.”

Seleznev was arrested by CIA agents in the Maldives and brought to the United States. The Russian Foreign Ministry and his father, a Russian lawmaker, said this was illegal and equalled a kidnapping.

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Roman Seleznev
Roman Seleznev